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We are members of the Jefferson City and Columbia Boards of Realtors

By listing a property on two different MLS boards, your property is seen by the hundreds of Jefferson City realtors plus the even hundreds more realtors in Columbia. We think that is a lot of exposure, but you can decide for yourself.

We create a virtual tour of every property we list and feature it on YouTube

In today’s age, everything has to do with videos. Making videos, uploading videos, watching videos, etc. That is why we love creating and continually improving virtual tours of our listings and featuring them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, as well as every realtor’s website thanks to MLS. Buyers can get a good feel for your home before stepping foot into it which can make a big difference in getting a home sold quick.

We make sure that your property is featured in open houses and Agent Tours

Lastly, you can’t just ignore the best way to show off a home: actually having people show up to the property. Our offce works hard to make sure that properties are featured throughout the month for open houses that we host as well as featuring homes for Agent Tours with the Jefferson City Board of Realtors.








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