We Have Buyers Looking For...

Last Updated: Oct 2018

Last Updated: Oct 2018

When you are considering selling your home and are wondering if people are interested in features your home has to offer, or if you are actively selling your home and want to know how best to spend your money to prepare it for the greatest return on investment, you might consider the following areas.

We aggregate this data from various sources based on buyer desires and preferences.  We update this list regularly, so check back occasionally.

Some specific combinations of factors are:

Despite the specific things buyers are interested in, keep in mind that most are interested in houses with the following as well.

  • They are structurally sound,

  • They have updates installed.

  • They are uncluttered and clean.

  • Everything in working order (and I do mean everything – even each light).

  • They are aesthetically pleasing inside and out.