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Jefferson City

Jefferson City

We are members of both the Jefferson City and Columbia Boards of Realtors

By listing a property on two different MLS boards, your property is seen by the hundreds of Jefferson City realtors plus the even hundreds more realtors in Columbia. No other top five realtor does that!



We’re the Best at What We Do

Number One

We complete the most transactions

Every year we average the most transactions out of any other team or agent in our MLS.


We sell a property every 2 days

We are constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition and adapt the newest techniques to get your home sold!

Two Days

Our Whole Team Works for You!

Just because other companies have 80 agents doesn’t mean that 80 people are working for you! With The McMichael Team the WHOLE TEAM works for you!

The McMichael Team

See the Difference … We Just Do More!

This home sat on the MLS for 6 months before we were called to relist the property. We jumped into action to get it all staged, photos taken, and a virtual tour created. Within 8 hours of the listing being marketed there was a contract on the property.





And So Much More

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