McMichael Team - Why List With Us

We are members of both the Jefferson City and Columbia Boards of Realtors

By listing a property on two different MLS boards, your property is seen by the hundreds of Jefferson City realtors plus the even hundreds more realtors in Columbia. We think that is a lot of exposure, but you can decide for yourself.

We create a virtual tour of every property we list and feature it on YouTube

In today’s age, everything has to do with videos. Making videos, uploading videos, watching videos, etc. That is why we love creating and continually improving virtual tours of our listings and featuring them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, as well as every realtor’s website thanks to MLS. Buyers can get a good feel for your home before stepping foot into it which can make a big difference in getting a home sold quick.

We make sure that your property is featured in open houses, Agent Tours, social media and more

Lastly, you can’t just ignore the best way to show off a home: actually having people show up to the property. Our offce works hard to make sure that properties are featured throughout the month for open houses that we host as well as featuring homes for Agent Tours with the Jefferson City Board of Realtors.
Listing Timeline

See what The McMichael Team does to get your home sold.

Starting Today

We Meet With You To:

We Meet With You

Getting to know our clients, and giving them a chance to know us, is a critical step in laying a strong foundation for the upcoming process of selling your home.

  • Discuss the property and determine key and unique features.
  • Decide on a price.
  • Sign a seller's disclosure.
We Capture Property Visuals

We Capture Property Visuals

We want people to be have a good feel for the house without actually stepping a foot into it.

  • Take pictures, inside and out.
  • Take video, inside and out.
  • Take a drone video.
We Prepare the Property Visuals

We Prepare the Property Visuals

Presenting the best representation of your home is more than point-and-click.  We don't doctor images, but we have to make sure pictures are framed and ordered to tell the best story of your home.

  • Edit pictures and select primary photo.
  • Create virtual tour video.
We Prepare and Publish the Listing

We Prepare and Publish the Listing

All the work done and information collected up to this point has lead to this moment... your house is officially for sale!

  • Load information, disclosures, and photos into both Jefferson City and Columbia Flex MLS. Your property can be seen by hundreds of Jefferson City realtors plus the hundreds more in Columbia.
  • Activate both MLS listings for people to see.
We Prepare and Publish the Listing

We Get the Word Out

It is important to show your home in key locations to increase exposure for a faster sale.

  • Post on our website.
  • Create a spec sheet outlining the key information.
  • Upload virtual tour to YouTube and both MLS.
  • Create and print advertising booklets.
  • Post to social media, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Display a for-sale sign at the property.
  • Make sure that your property is featured in open houses and Agent Tours.
We Prepare and Publish the Listing

We Promote the Property in Our Magazine

We go more than an "extra mile" to help sell your home. We drive over 150 miles each month to hand deliver magazines to more than 300 locations throughout the Jefferson City area in order to ensure your home gets the maximum exposure.

  • Printed copies are distributed throughout Jefferson City around last week of the each month.
  • Online version is placed on our website.

See our delivery drive map.

All This Work Leads To Your House Being Sold

And this isn’t all we do to get your home SOLD.

Call us to sell your home TODAY.

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