Buyer's Agent, McMichael Realty

Sue Sieg

Out of the many things Sue has done in her life, she has found her true calling in real estate.  Real estate is the one thing that intertwines most of her hobbies and true loves in life: decorating homes and helping people fulfill their dreams.  Although she has enjoyed her times living in St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Kansas City, she admits that her true home is the Jefferson City/Holts Summit area.

Sue’s desire to bring joy to people’s lives is evident in her demeanor and her work ethic.  She brings light into the office and into her interactions with every person she meets.  No one can hold a match to Sue’s love for life.

Sue has so much energy that doing one thing at a time is not an option.  One of her favorite things to do is stay up late with a mug of hot chocolate wearing her “jammies”, a Hallmark movie on as the snow falls outside and she reads 2-3 magazines.  She also enjoys doing anything with her sons, especially playing cards, going to the beach, or enjoying a Cardinals baseball game.

Sue is someone that will always be glad to work for you, and you will be thrilled that you chose her as your buyer’s agent!