Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Mid-Missouri Fraud Disclosure



Criminals/hackers target email accounts of real estate brokers, sales persons, title companies, and lenders as well as other parties involved in transactions. In these cases, they have been able to intercept emails about the transaction getting ready to take place which contains, but not included to, the following information: phone numbers, social security numbers, closing dates, down payment amounts, etc. They then have used this information to call or email posing as the above-mentioned people.

They are convincing and look legitimate when they call or email.

During these phone calls, they are very believable because they have all the correct information and the emails have had proper email signatures.

In every real estate transaction, buyer and seller are advised to:

  • Never wire funds. Most real estate transactions do not require it from the seller or buyer.
  • Never send personal information such as phone number, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers. Call the intended party with that information directly.
Do not discuss your transaction with a caller. Call your real estate broker, sales person, title company, or lender from the known phone number that you have independently verified.