Technology Specialist, McMichael Realty

Michael Lawson

Michael Lawson is a behind the scenes guy that works on developing and growing the McMichael Realty website.  He has found his spot in the office and has become an intricate part of our company.  He is the person that observes, waits, watches, listens, and when the time is right proposes solutions to problems. 

Michael has a bachelor's degree in engineering computer science from the University of Tulsa.  He has worked for large international companies with thousands of employees and companies with less than five employees.  He by far prefers smaller companies that are much more like a family environment making him a perfect fit for our company. 

He is married and is the father of three children.  Living on almost 100 acres, outdoor projects, gardening, and maintaining the land are important to him.  All of which ties into the one thing that is most important to him, his family. 

Whether it is the family at home or the family at work,  Michael is always diligently working, contributing, smiling, and being himself.  McMichael Realty is better off for having met Michael and looks forward to our future endeavors together.