Broker / Owner, McMichael Realty

Henry McMichael

Henry McMichael is the 3rd generation McMichael from Holts Summit, Missouri. The McMichael family has been an active part in the growth of Holts Summit for generations. This community is an important part of his life.

Henry served 3 1/2 years in Army Intelligence with time in Vietnam. He worked for National Cash Register (NCR) for 32 years while he was actively involved in real estate. He has been a licensed Broker for 33 years. While raising a family he developed 5 subdivisions: Mer-Mac Hills, Maplewood, Brentwood North, Hickory Nut Lane and Wildwood. All located in the Holts Summit area.

Henry's passion in real estate lies with selling land.  This likely stems from his lifetime of farming and working the land.  He enjoys walking the acres of ground and envisioning the possibilities.  As a matter of fact, if he could have super power, he would love to be able to fly so he could soar over and enjoy the lands he sells.

Whether he knew it or not, Henry's life was destined to forever be intertwined with real estate.  His transition from farming to land owner was followed by selling lots from that land.  Ever in pursuit of new knowledge and honest work, he began building homes.  Years later the next phase of his life had him joining forces with his daughter to start a real estate agency and begin selling homes. McMichael Realty was born.

As much as Henry enjoys working, he enjoys fun as well.  He has a good sense of humor and has many great stories.  Ask him about the "construction door" while he worked at NCR.  Have him tell you about asking his wife to "count the zeros".  You'll enjoy a good laugh while you get to know Henry better.

There is no one that knows, loves and cherishes Holts Summit more than Henry McMichael. The words honesty and sincerity are easily associated with his name. Henry McMichael is a person that is worth meeting and doing business with.