Buyer’s Agent, McMichael Realty

Brooke Wiggins

Brooke is an energetic addition to McMichael Realty.  We all enjoy her enthusiasm and eagerness to take on anything!  She is especially good at taking new ideas and making it a successful part of this office.  She is ambitious and prepared to find just the right solution to any problem.  Brooke is fun loving and has ambitions to visit every country in the world.

She joined our team after graduating from the University of Missouri in May of 2017.  She earned a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Business and Religious Studies.  In college, she was in the Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity.  She served as the Residence Halls Association Vice President her Sophomore year.  RHA is the 2nd largest undergrad organization.  She went to Bluff, Utah with Mizzou Alternative Breaks twice and witnessed a Navajo Healing Ceremony, in which she has been sworn to secrecy about what happened there.

Brooke comes from a strong religious background and enjoys her church; she especially enjoys Wednesday nights when she babysits her pastor’s children.  In Brooke’s free time she stays busy with paintball tournaments and last summer she even taught herself to embroidery which she admits was quite hard.

She was raised by her Mom, but is actively involved with Dad and recently met him in New York City for a fun-filled weekend.  Her favorite New York event was visiting Macy’s where Miracle on 34th Street was filmed.  She also has a younger sister that will graduate from high school this year and start studying Health Science.  She loves her sister and is very involved in her activities and is so proud of her.

Brooke’s personality just warms your heart with youth, passion, and maturity.  She came into the office, her first week, with a Wonder Woman lunchbox that displayed a removable cape.  Brooke is known around here for hoarding her Krispy Kreme Donuts.  She came in one day with a whole box, sat it right in the middle of her desk and said it was going to be her breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  She is just fun to be around.

Brooke enjoys the small things others just pass by.  Right now, she is excited about taking care of her cousin’s hedgehog starting soon.  She is someone you would enjoy meeting.