Holts Summit

Holts Summit’s Independence Day Festival 2019

Holts Summit’s Independence Day Festival 2019

Holts Summit holds its’ annual Independence Day Festival on July 3rd each year. This Firework’s Festival has turned into one of the biggest events for the City of Holts Summit.

The event starts at 5:00 each year with a traditional flag raising ceremony at Greenway Park followed by a live band and plenty of food vendors.

Holts Summit Police Department

Holts Summit Police Department

Citizens of Holts Summit, MO, are blessed with a very professional and experienced police department.

One night I was driving home, and an officer pulled me over.  I thought, “What have I done now?”  He approached my car and advised my headlight was out.  That was it.  No ticket, just a very courteous stop to help me out.  My husband replaced it the next day.   

Holts Summit Fireworks Festival 2018

Fireworks [500x333].jpg

Fireworks Show: 30 minutes
Festival: All Evening

July 3rd

  • Huge Display

  • Concessions

  • Booths

  • Several Great Locations to Watch

Come and Enjoy

  1. Park Early. nusually, all of Summit Drive is lined with vehicles and the Summit Plaza is full. Come and park early.

  2. Bring Lawn Chairs.

  3. You are Welcome to Park at McMichael Realty. If you get there early, you are welcome to park in our lot.

  4. Greenway Park. Walk up to Greenway Park for the main area (just beyond the ballfields)

  5. Fireworks Start. tarting time is around 9:30. Once it’s good and pitch dark.

  6. ENJOY! You’re in a small town, so say “Hello” to the people around you and celebrate our Independence.

4th of July

It is certainly about being free, so remember to always thank a veteran. was proud when
my Grandson recently went up to a Veteran and thanked them for their service.

Be patriotic.

Churches in Holts Summit

Churches in Holts Summit

When moving to a different town, there are so many things to check out including schools, churches, police, etc.  For a small town, Holts Summit has a lot to offer with different dominations of churches.  My husband and I moved here in 1980 and we didn’t think about this. It took us some time to find that right church home. I feel this is very important to consider, along with schools, and other factors.

St. Andrews Knights of Columbus Fish Fry

St. Andrews Knights of Columbus Fish Fry

As the long winter winds down and spring approaches in the Holts Summit area, there is excitement in the air as St. Andrews Knights of Columbus members begin preparing for their annual series of fish fries during the season of Lent.  Each Friday during Lent, parish workers begin gathering to prepare and serve the food to the large crowds, sometimes exceeding 1,500 hungry people.  Even though there are large crowds, they have perfected serving, with little or no waiting in line.