10 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Buying A Home

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  1. Don’t discontinue paying your current mortgage payment or other loan payments.

  2. Don’t take out a payday loan to cover closing costs.

  3. Don’t book a luxury vacation to relax before moving day.

  4. Don’t quit your job, get fired, or suddenly decide to rely on a multi-level marketing scheme business as your sole source of income.

  5. Don’t furnish your new home with a credit card.

  6. Don’t buy a new vehicle or you may end up living in it.

  7. Don’t co-sign on any loans, no matter how much you want to help someone.

  8. Don’t make any large transfers into or out of your account without discussing it in advance with your lender.

  9. Don’t avoid paying Uncle Sam unless you want your new to home to be surrounded by barbed wire.

  10. Don’t open any off-shore bank accounts.

Do You Really Need A Buyer’s Agent?

Do You Really Need A Buyer’s Agent?

The short answer of that question is YES! But for the sake of blogging, allow me to elaborate. In a era of DIYer’s, there’s just some things you should leave to the professionals. You trust your doctor to manage your health and your mechanic to fix your car, why not trust a Realtor to aide in purchasing a home?

Buyers agents are trained to negotiate a good price, research property history, coordinate title work, facilitate inspections, refer you to the top lending professionals in the area, and are there every step of the way during the entire process. And to sweeten the deal? In our market, sellers usually pay the Agent’s commission! So what do you have to lose? Nothing! But you stand to lose plenty if you try to navigate a major purchase like this on your own!

If you’re considering buying a home, I’d love to help! Call or text me, Lindsey Helton, anytime at 573-291-4875!

How To Write a Successful Offer In A Competitive Market

How To Write a Successful Offer In A Competitive Market

In this market of multiple offers and “quick moving” inventory, it’s important when you find the “right” home that you act quickly and correctly to get the homes of your dreams.

1. Prepare a written offer

Written offers are taken more seriously than verbal ones. In a carefully constructed offer, you can highlight the things that make you a strong buyer and convey concisely what you want. You can also highlight things that make you offer more appealing. For example, if you are a first-time home buyer and do not have a home to sell.

Real Estate Advice You Should Ignore

Real Estate Advice You Should Ignore

Buying or selling your home is a big decision. It’s natural to have questions, but how can you tell if the information and advice you receive is accurate to your situation? Not only can you find bad information online but it might come from unexpected sources, like your friends, your family and even your agent. Here are a few of terrible real estate advice that you should ignore each and every time.

How To Buy A House That Isn't For Sale

How To Buy A House That Isn't For Sale

Most people won't be faced with the dilemma of trying to purchase a house that isn't for sale, but the number could be higher.  There are plenty of people who buy houses where they settled based on what was currently available.  Maybe they really wanted an extra bedroom, an extra garage, more closets or even 9' ceilings, but decided to live without certain features because they could find one house that had them all.  If the feature can be added/changed at a later date, such as different types of counter tops, or remodeling a bathroom, then setting for not having it may be acceptable.  However, when the types of features that are missing could be costly or impossible to add, that is when settling becomes more difficult.

If the buyer had a savvy real estate agent they might have proposed looking at houses that are not on the market that best match their wish list and approach the owner about interest in selling.  It doesn't guarantee finding the dream house, but it does expand the pool of possibilities.