July 2019 Year-to-Date Jefferson City Area Home Sales Statistics

Kristina, Scott and Henry McMichael Team
2019 Jefferson City Area Home Sales
The Jefferson City Area Board of Realtors MLS

Stats With Scott

So far this year, there have been 1,235 NEW LISTINGS. Last year, at this time, there were 1,221 New Listings. The whole Jefferson City MLS is running about the same as the previous year.

Last year, on the 21st of July, there were 96 Homes Under Contract so far that month. This July, as of the 21st, there are 138 HOMES UNDER CONTRACT. A huge increase from the same time in 2018.

The AVERAGE SALES PRICE FOR JULY CLOSINGS is $188,995. That is a strong number that keeps getting better.

The 2019 YEAR-TO-DATE AVERAGE SALES PRICE is $175,861 which is up from 2018’s average of $164,153.

Jefferson City Area Real Estate’s AVERAGE DAYS ON THE MARKET is 53 across the entire Jefferson City Multiple Listing Service. Last year at this time it was 58.

As you can see the Jefferson City Real estate Market keeps getting stronger. The Jefferson City Area is definitely seeing a swing in larger home sales. Homes from $200,000 and up are on a 5 year high.

Exciting to see great interest rates, eager home buyers and sellers which all make for a strong market that is needing new builds to balance the Jefferson City Area Market.