Are Properties Selling?

Everyone is always stopping me and asking, "How is the market doing?"

Here are the first 2017 sales statistics for Jefferson City, MO and its suburbs, gathered by the Jefferson City Area Board of Realtors. So, basically, this is all sales by any company along with McMichael Realty compiled together to give an accurate account of how property is selling right here.

1,282 properties have been SOLD in the Jefferson City MLS. That number is up because last year there were only 1,196 SOLD. Actually, that number is way up, because a close to 100 property increase has not happened the last several years.

So, the Jeff City, Missouri area is up 86 properties which is a 7% increase from 2016 SOLD properties in this Mid-Missouri area.

I always think to myself, when I see "For Sale By Owner" sign that the market must be doing well. Almost all of those end up getting listed and put into the JCABOR Multiple Listing Service or a realtor has the buyers for the property.

These next statistics show the power of our Realtor industry to just get it sold. There have been 1,770 NEW LISTINGS entered in the Jefferson City market in 2017. Last year in 2016, there were 1,758 NEW LISTINGS.

Average DAYS ON THE MARKET are now at 62 days! This area’s average days on the market last year was 70. This means the Jefferson City market is selling 8 days faster than last year. Hopefully, everyone is feeling the economy doing a bit better.

As you can see, it is an exciting time to get your home or property on the market and get it sold. Using a Realtor will make it happen faster which will gain you more profit to use when buying your next property.