A place where, “Everyone knows your name…” - Shop Girl

Shop Girl.jpg

When you pull up to this unassuming building, you have no idea just how special this place is going to be. It is the start to something that sparks your curiosity and draws you in.  The intriguing outside leads right into the inside as you can’t look away from what is surrounding you.  It’s not a craft store, it’s not an antique store, it’s not even a fine store, but IT’S A FIND STORE.

To the side, and the most important part of Shop Girl, will at first go unnoticed. Peggy and Teresa will be busy talking to one of their customers as you walk past.  The smells of your grandparents’ attic; of old oak wood; of lavender bath soaps;  and of the old school library will let you know you are there, and the two sisters have created this space.

They liken this place to CHEERS, without the bar.  With a chuckle, they debate which one of them would be Norm and which one would be Carla.  You can imagine a little piece of their mother all wrapped into this pair.  Once they start talking to you, the two sisters will find just what you didn’t know you were looking for.

On a visit with my 4-year-old daughter, Peggy (Carla) picked up a red-patterned apron which was very old and handmade.  She handed it to my daughter who knew exactly what it was.  My little one had been asking me for weeks to make cookies with her.  It was a perfect fit, as she put it around her, and I tied the back.

Peggy and Teresa couldn’t have known how much that apron took me back.  It was like my Granny had handed us that apron to remind me she always made time.  

Even when Granny ran out of apples, one time, while making apple pies, she still found a way we could make a miniature one out of a Potpie tin.  She substituted the apples with crushed up crackers and cinnamon.  Fresh out of the oven, it looked just like a real apple pie, until Grandpa cut into it.  When he got to the crackers, he was really surprised, but Granny made him eat that whole miniature pie.

I don’t know what you will find on your 1st or 20th visit to Shop Girl, but there is something special about this whimsical place that takes you back to the old-time neighborhood store, “where everyone knows your name” (without the bar).