What to Expect When You’re Searching

What to Expect When You’re Searching

We’ve all seen HGTV shows and the *grandness* that the shows portray when it comes to searching for a home. Chip and Joanna name the homes that they show to their clients. The Property Brothers use state-of-the-art imagery technology to show what the home flip will look like. House Hunters portrays pitting 3 homes against one another that all seem to be at a $1 million budget.

As a kid, I loved watching these kinds of shows. I loved imagining walking into homes and my favorite TV personalities showing me everything there was to love about the home and how they were going to help me update the things that maybe weren’t as great. I imagined that there would be 3 homes I absolutely loved, and I would need to pit the three against one another before making my final decision.

I have continually found that HGTV is not a real-life representation of what it is like to purchase a home.

I know, that seems completely crazy! You would never have expected that from TV programing. But the sad thing is, some people go into house hunting with the same mindset as I had as a child.

Don’t get me wrong; there is a possibility that you’re going to find multiple homes you love, and you’ll have to make a decision between those homes. There’s a possibility that your agent can give you ideas to further improve your home (probably not to the extent of Chip and Joanna or the Property Brothers though). And your agent most likely will not name the homes that they’re showing you (unless you really want me to and then I’ll do my best, but don’t expect Chip level names to start off with).

But home buying is not an HGTV show. Home buying is sometimes hard, and you’ll probably find that a home you love may go under contract with someone else that was quicker to write their contract than you. If you’re in a certain price range, you’ll see that just as soon as a home is listed, it’s also gone. Simple rule: Don’t expect your home search to be anything like reality TV.

Three things you should expect when you start to look for homes:

  1. People live in homes. You’re going to walk into houses that people are still residing in and so therefore their things are still there. HGTV portrays vacant homes and that’s not an accurate representation of who is actually selling home. When making a decision about a home, don’t base your decision on the current home owner’s décor. Obviously staging and some good-looking décor helps to sell a home, but don’t solely base your decision on that.

  2. Some people have cameras up. These cameras aren’t always meant for watching potential home buyers as they walk through the house. Many times, these are pet cameras or security cameras that have been up for a while. But, as we all know, curiosity killed the cat, and sometimes it gets to home sellers too. When TV personalities walk into homes, they say anything and everything that comes to mind when they are walking through a home. Your Realtor will probably pull you aside before showings and remind you that whatever you say in the home should be things that you would say directly to the seller. Just keep in mind that just because they say it on TV doesn’t mean you should say it in the home.

  3. Sometimes you don’t get a few days to think about it. After looking at homes it seems that on TV the clients have a few days to sit and think about which one they want to make an offer on. This is hardly ever the case. If you like the house when you walk in and you want to make an offer on it, go ahead and make an offer on it. If you find a home you love, you’re not going to want to miss out on it.

So, your home search won’t be like HGTV, and that is perfectly fine. Your home buying process is going to be perfect for you and maybe you’ll feel like you’re on a TV show. I can try my best for you if you’re working with me, but I can’t make any promises for any other agents out there.