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“Should Buyers attend the Home Inspection?”


The Inspection process is where you find out even more about the property you are about to purchase. It is your time to relook at the home and understand how everything inside and outside your future home operates. It’s time to go over every inch with a “fine tooth comb!”

A Realtor’s Role at an Inspection

Different Brokers have varying opinions on IF the Realtor should even attend the Inspection. A majority of the Realtors in this area do not go to their client’s Inspections, but the client is their with only the Inspector. I have always felt a Realtor needs to be present for many reason but here are 2 of the main ones:

The Realtor should be present, because their clients are in the Seller’s home which they do not own yet.

Why wouldn’t it be the Realtor’s and your best interests for the Realtor to assist you through this part of the buying process too?

The Realtor Should be Present

When the Inspector is up on the roof doing his job, is it fair to the homeowner to have people inside their house without a Realtor? Some companies do not want their agents to attend, because they are afraid if the agent says anything at the Inspection, they could be liable for items expressed, especially if issues arise after the purchase.

Your Best Interests

The Inspection time needs to be lead by the Inspector, but closely followed for clarity with the Buyers and their Realtor. Too often, I have received an Inspection Notice filled with items to be fixed that I know the Realtor does not have a grasp on, because they did not attend the Inspection.

Just recently, an agent turned in the worse Inspection Notice I had ever seen full of more items to be fixed than I have ever seen. If the Agent would have been at the Inspection, they would have heard the Inspector state that due to the age of the structure these items are normal. Instead panic was created, Sellers were asking for items that did not even make sense and the transaction fell apart.

Aren’t You Hiring a Realtor for Guidance?

It is not about unlocking doors...being a Realtor is hard work when done correctly. I have years of Inspections under my belt where the Realtor made the difference. I certainly can more accurately explain the situation to the other Realtor, when submitting my clients’ Inspection Notice, If I have been at the Inspection and heard/saw everything first-hand.

I also think it is just as important to be at Inspections when I am the Seller’s Agent; meaning, I am the one that listed the house. I can more accurately explain what the inspector found if I have heard and seen it right along with the Buyers. Sellers want to know first-hand instead of weeding through a 35 page report and looking at pictures. I feel an obligation to be able to direct them right to the problems and relay everything that was said.

Wouldn’t You Want Your Realtor There

With all of this in mind, before you pick which Realtor is going to represent you, in one of the most important transactions you will make, know just a little bit more. I hope this helps you understand just one part of the involved home-buying process. I think it is one of the most important aspects when you are the Buyer or the Seller. So, ask your possible Realtor how they do things before you hire them, it might make all the difference.

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