"I Need a Realtor!" Picking the right one is PRICELESS

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There IS a difference in REALTORS

Picking a talented Realtor is crucial to having a successful transaction; as well as, not giving YOU a migraine.

Realtors come in all kinds of flavors, so TAKE TIME to choose just the RIGHT ONE.

I cringe when I see this post on Facebook:  “What Realtor should I use?”  Really, would you post, “What Doctor should I use?” without sitting down and explaining your full medical history to whomever you are entrusting to make that decision.  It just doesn’t make a lot of common sense.

Below is my outline, based on years of experience, as to what YOU SHOULD CONSIDER when choosing the JUST RIGHT Realtor.

Look Around... Who is SELLING homes AROUND YOU.

Find the Realtor that has made your area their niche.  We all have our favorite areas because we know the most about those areas.  We all have our kind of homes or land that we get really excited about.

I do love selling all homes, but I get most excited about helping with new build projects.  I work with a lot of contractors picking out fabulous items to showcase their work.

Don’t pick a Realtor based on the highest sales price.

Listen, the market will only bare as much as the house is worth.  You can price a home on the high end when everything lines up such as condition, marketing, staging, and market competition.  All of these are highly important, and it does matter that your realtor has a vast knowledge in all the above.

Just remember, a flashy HIGH PRICE may PERSUADE YOU in the beginning to list, but it is better to have a team behind it TO MAKE IT to the closing.

If the Realtor you contact is very busy... That’s a good indication.

It’s kind of like this:  If I called into a new Salon to get my hair done and that person could get me in that very day; I would have to think about it.

I know, in this town, the really talented hairstylist are all booked in advance.

Same with Realtors!

The REALLY TALENTED ones are BOOKED in advance because they are the VERY BEST at what they do.


For sure... USE A LOCAL REALTOR!  If you do not want your transaction to be a disaster, use the local experts.  Local Realtors really are the experts.   We just know the area better than anyone else.  There’s a lot more to this profession than putting up a sign...I lot more.

Do 20% of the Realtors SELL 80% of the real estate?

Everyone has heard this, right?  Is it really true?

I actually calculated the Jefferson City Area Board of Realtors stats a few years ago, because I wanted to know myself.

It didn't come exactly to 80% but it was close enough to answer “YES” to that question.  It calculated around 75%.  So, it's something to consider.

My team, The Kristina, Scott and Henry McMichael Team have consistently been in the top 5 with many years in the top 2.  In 2016, we sold 22 million in real estate with the top producer only selling $10,000 more than us.

We consistently have more transactions per year than any other team.

WE ARE movers and shakers!

In Closing... Just “USE YOUR HEAD”

Kinda funny, right!  That is permanently stuck in my head, thanks to my Dad, and it holds true for just about everything.

You want someone that fits your personality, works harder than everyone else and just gets what it takes to get the job done.  An EXPERT REALTOR KNOWS WHAT TO DO AT EVERY TURN because they have seen that turn before, been there and done that...many times.

Isn’t it really just about these simple words, I’VE GOT THIS”

That’s the Realtor that can JUST MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN around them.  You want some of that, trust me.  That’s the stuff the JUST RIGHT Realtor has perfected.