Holts Summit Police Department

Citizens of Holts Summit, MO, are blessed with a very professional and experienced police department.

One night I was driving home, and an officer pulled me over.  I thought, “What have I done now?”  He approached my car and advised my headlight was out.  That was it.  No ticket, just a very courteous stop to help me out.  My husband replaced it the next day.   

On Thursday, June 28, I spoke to Kyle McIntyre, Chief of the Holts Summit Police, Department. He was a very kind and professional officer taking time to answer all my questions.  

When we moved to the area in 1980, there were three part-time officers.  They were not the most professional people.  Now there are 11 sworn employees and two not sworn.  The two are the dog catcher and administrative assistant.  Usually, five officers work days and two to three at night.  Of course, this can change.  Out of these, two are detectives, which are normally in plain clothes along with the chief.  They recently were contracted by New Bloomfield to police that area.  I asked the chief he thought they would have to hire any more officers.  He stated New Bloomfield was a small enough community, he felt like it wouldn’t be a problem.  

They have two motorcycles but they are not ridden when it is so hot.  There is, also, a vehicle which can get through snow when it is impassible for the regular cars.  The department is ready to assist in any circumstance.    

Chief McIntyre went on to say they try to be a positive influence with the kids in this area.  They always try to keep the communication open, along with the bicycle safety and the “Shop with the Cop” programs.  Of course, the department is actively involved with Independence Day Program at the park, Christmas parade, and many other activities which youth are there.

Again, I want to reiterate how impressed and appreciative I am with our police department.  The next time you see one of the officers, tell them how much you appreciate their work.