Tips to Surviving a Car Ride with a Realtor

Are You Ready

I am not a Realtor. You probably know this already, but I felt a strong need to remind you of the fact. But all this really means is that I don’t do all the work that Realtors do, but I do see everything that goes on behind the scenes.

And I know how to survive the chaos.

So, if you ever get stuck in a car with a Realtor, here are some tips:

Bring Snacks

Bring Snacks:

You may think I’m kidding, or you may be thinking that any person under 40 would probably suggest bringing snacks in the car, but you will need them. That’s because when you get in the car with a Realtor you have no idea when you’re going to come back. They may say an hour, but they don’t mean it. Snacks help you survive those long rides over lunch when you know you’re going to be hungry (because it’s lunch) but you don’t know if you’ll ever see the light outside of that car again.

Practice Being Quiet:

The phone never stops ringing, seriously, so you may as well get used to not speaking. I mean, you can’t be talking all the time since you also have to be performing the next tip.


Be a Good Note-Taker:

Take Lots of Notes

You will have to become the official scribe of the car (especially if you sit shotgun), there’s no getting around it. So, make sure someone can understand the notes that you take for your Realtor. Every call is important and if we don’t know what we were supposed to do with the information we got from a phone call that means we have to call back, and that looks unprofessional.

Prepare for Anything:

This may be a little different for me because I work with Realtors, but you should be prepared for anything that you may get dragged along to do. Once, I was taken from the office to take photos of a listing (that’s all they told me). I ended up also walking around a farm, staging a home, unstaging a different home, and making a few runs to Sonic in between. And of course, I had decided to wear heels that day. Now, I pack a jacket and an extra pair of shoes so that I’m ready for whatever I may get thrown into that day.

If you’re a client, this will be a bit different for you. But you should prepare for any type of listing your Realtor may be taking you to that day. Go ahead and wear tennis shoes. They may not be your first choice, but when you Realtor takes you to a farm, at least you won’t be sinking into the mud in your nice shoes.

Be a Great Multi-Tasker:

There have been times where I am working on Kristina’s phone, Scott’s iPad, Kristina’s computer and working with a camera all at the same time. If you’re in the car with your Realtor, realize that since they’re driving (or on the phone, ALL THE TIME), they can’t be filling out paperwork or looking up listings, so that becomes your job. It may be overwhelming at first, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few go-arounds in the car.

And one last tip…

Surprised or Scared Baby Boy


Just stay away. If your Realtor asks you to get in the car with her, her husband, and their office assistant for a three-day span and deliver magazines to every business in the Jefferson City Area, run the other direction immediately. You will be in a car with two Realtors (and bosses of the company, mind you) who are forever on the phone making deals, you will be hot because you’re jumping in and out of the car in the heat all day (for THREE days), and you will never EVER know when you are going to get out of the car ever again. The inside of the black SUV will seem like the only place you have ever been and you will be trapped.

But at least you will have snacks!  Attempt to make fun videos where you lip-sync and talk about all the silly things going on in your life, and possibly make friends with other business owners in the area.