Jamestown - Why I Chose To Live Here

When my wife and I chose to move to central Missouri about ten years ago, we wanted to live away from sizeable cities (think St. Louis and Kansas City), but close enough the necessities of life (think groceries, home improvement, etc).  Central Missouri provided the perfect location halfway between my home state (Oklahoma) and my wife's (Ilinois), thus it provided the perfect spot for trips to visit family.

Both Jefferson City and Columbia offered us all that we needed and chose to live between the two.  We wanted to build a house in the middle of a sizeable piece of land so we could have a good buffer between us and the neighbors.  We wanted plenty of space for our son (who was born a week before we moved into our new house), and his brother (who was born 1.5 years later).


Jamestown school district was spoken highly of by people in the area, so that was a plus.  The small town (less than 400 people) offered a close-knit community of friendly and helpful people.  It offers a gas station, two places to get a bite to eat, an ag store, a post office, community pool and park.  There are several other businesses that all Jamestown their home.

As far as price goes, the land we purchased was less expensive than comparable land on the East side of the Missouri river.

All these reasons, and probably a few more, contributed to us choosing Jamestown over other locations in Mid-Missouri.

Looking back after ten years, would we have chosen a different location?  Probably not.  Life events and changes can drive our needs and desires.  But even now, we are happy with our choice of home.