Cheese: Grate for Every Meal

Hello there, friends! It’s McMichael Realty’s resident foodie/makeup enthusiast! I’m just dropping by to give you yet another review (of food).

Now, last time I told y’all about how we go to some of the same places every time we do a magazine distribution day. This was no exception when we went to distribute at the end of April. We pulled into Lutz’s BBQ with thousands of magazines in the back of our truck and empty stomachs.

As I stood in line I knew exactly what I was going to order. Partially because it’s the same thing I get every time and partially because I {obviously} only order the best things on the menu.

But I’m gonna tell you about the best thing on the menu (that is not the absolutely amazing homemade chips).

Mac n Cheese.

That is correct. A 23-year-old just said that the best thing to get at a BBQ restaurant is the mac n cheese. You might expect that from your 5-year-old but, allow me to explain myself a bit.

Now, I used to eat a lot of mac n cheese as a kid. Every year, my sister would ask for mac n cheese and hot dogs for her birthday. I quickly learned the cheese was better when you did not pay extra for the special character noodles. When I got older, a whole box of Kraft became a snack. In college, I was the kid with Kraft single serves instead of ramen. What I’m trying to let you know is that I did not grow up on any of that “fake” mac n cheese. I grew up with the good stuff, so I know good mac n cheese when I eat it.

When you get your little Styrofoam cup it may look like nothing special. An opaque plastic lid shields your view from the cheesy goodness inside. But when you open it, you are greeted by the wonderful sight of the upgraded version of your childhood favorite food. Don’t expect your typical macaroni noodles, but instead, you will find a noodle that finds a way to hide drips of cheese exactly where it’s needed most (I could not find what exact noodle is used despite my greatest efforts). The cheese is just the right mix of white and yellow showing you that this is not just a fancy craft box, but instead a recipe that someone spent time perfecting.

You tell yourself you’re going to order two and keep one for later, but as you walk out the door you find your hands empty and your belly full because you could not find a way to tell yourself no as you opened that second container at the table.

If you think I’m going a little crazy talking about mac n cheese then I can tell you haven’t tried it (or found your recipe that you would willingly eat every day). Try this mac n cheese if you haven’t already. Your taste buds will thank you greatly (and so will your tummy).

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you this time. Let me know what you want me to try next! But until then, I’ll just hide myself inside Lutz’s and scrape up the last bits of macaroni with my cheese-laden fork.

Lutz's Mac-n-Cheese.jpg