Plank Flooring is Trending... Wanting to change the look of your home?...

Looking Down at Feet on Floor

Why is Plank Flooring so popular right now?

Plank Flooring is everywhere.  Walk into any new build or remodel and you will see the newest and latest designs.  Plank Flooring is bringing the floor into the forefront of the design scheme. Whole rooms are now designed around floor colors and patterns, and oh what fun it has been using this product to give new builds more personality and style.

What is Plank Flooring?

This flooring comes in several different materials, but the word “plank” basically refers to the elongated or oblong shape of the product.  I personally think the word takes on a different meaning, because everyone is referring to Plank Flooring when it is a wood grained, high-impact pattern.  Many of the floors are taking the look of old barn wood and some are loud prints of patterns and even floral prints.

Types of Plank Flooring Materials

A few years ago, when plank was just drifting into this area as brand new, Plank Flooring was glued to the floor and was a very thin material.  Now, and I’m sure they had it then, several other products are being used. This glued-down version is very thin but highly durable and is a vinyl product.  It comes in a commercial grade as well.

The next is referred to as an LVP Plank Flooring which stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank.  This Plank is about a ¼ of an inch thick which allows for more of a cushion when walked across.  It is a locking system that is still called a “floating floor.” It is still a vinyl product, and it is waterproof.  Yes, waterproof. Not just water resistant.

I actually put it to the test when we had several water leaks in a project I was helping with.  A contractor didn’t believe it wouldn’t warp when wet and soaked a piece overnight in a bucket as a test; and yes, it was waterproof.  Now, I don’t know for how long, but at least overnight.

The last basic type of Plank is ceramic.  Everyone has been using ceramic tile for years, but the shape has now changed to a longer version of 4 x 24, along with some other less common sizes.  I think the ceramic tile Plank Flooring is a bit fancier and therefore loses some warmth and hominess.

I Have This Thing With Floors

Why use Plank Flooring?

Because it’s just AWESOME!  Along with being highly durable and ready for all traffic areas, it’s the focal point of a room, if done right.

So, my advice is, ”Go out on a limb.”  Enjoy picking the style and color; but, MOST OF ALL, do not be afraid to go with a “loud” patterned floor.  It has been my experience that you won’t regret it but love it and be the talk of anyone entering you home.

It’s Trending…

On Instagram, there is an account called, “I Have This Thing With Floors.”  People are posting themselves standing on all kinds of floors. Really cool to look at.

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