Washington Park Ice Arena

If you’re ready to beat the winter doldrums and feeling the need to get off the couch for some fun-filled, physical activity, or if you’ve had too many days of 90 plus degree of humid mid Missouri summer heat and you’re looking for a cool spot to chill out for a couple of hours, then there’s one destination for folks in the Jefferson City area to fulfill the need of both seasons, the Washington Park Ice Arena at 711 Kansas Street.  But first things first.  Visit the City of Jefferson/Ice Arena website for the monthly public session schedules.  The schedule will provide you a choice of two one and one-half hour skate times plus admission fees and skate rental charge.  You’ll want to grab yourself some nice long socks and a coat and gloves.  Load up your family, or some brave friends, head to the ice arena, rent your figure skates or hockey skates and find a seat in the newly renovated warming house.  Then be prepared.  Slip on your skate boots and be prepared to lace up a whole lot of lace.  No, lacing up skates is not a complicated task but you will quickly find that working 108 inches of laces up your skate boot and pulling them snug enough to support your ankles is nothing short of time-consuming.  And, if this is a family trip, be prepared for even more lacing.

Okay, that’s it.  You’re now ready to hit the ice and begin counting the laps as you successfully complete them.   Be patient, it may take a while.  And don’t be embarrassed to take a short breather near the wall.  Everyone does it.   Shortly after this ice capades workout you’ll want to find your way back to the warming house for some hot chocolate and snacks.  And you’ll be ready to rest your legs.  What’s left of them.  Afterwards, you’ll laugh, you’ll groan a bit, you’ll laugh some more, then you’ll pat yourself on the back for braving the sport of ice skating.