Want To Buy Your First Home, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Congratulations!  You’ve made the decision to buy your first home and you’re excited and nervous at the same time.  Where to start, you ask?  I always recommend to new buyers if they haven’t spoken to their lender, then this would be a good starting point. Why?  So you know what price range you qualify for.  With this information, you can draw up a budget, figuring in the monthly expenses that aren’t accounted for by your lender (for example, medical bills you may be paying; small loan you owe your parents, savings goals, and other items that may not show up on your credit report).  And too, always remember that just because you qualify for a certain amount, it might be good to keep your budget a little lower.....allowing for any emergencies needed later down the road.

Then the fun begins.... your opportunity to check out McMichaelRealty.net for ALL the homes for sale in the Jefferson City area.  As a Buyer’s Agent, I specialize in helping buyers look for their perfect home by asking all the right questions, making it easy to choose the “right” homes to tour, and saving you lots of time - time to enjoy in your newly purchased home!