The “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” of Jefferson City

Whether it has been a long day and you want a burger, or you are driving through the city and need a touch of BBQ, Jefferson City has your appetite in mind. But maybe you are overwhelmed on where you should actually head for dinner with a client. Luckily, we have the lowdown on some of the best places to eat in the city.


Everyone loves to eat a good juicy hamburger (unless you are a vegetarian, vegan, etc., but we’ve got you covered too) or a delicious brick oven pizza. Plan a night out to go to Prison Brews to enjoy either a burger, pizza, or a nice microbrew. There is a pizza option specifically for vegetarians as well, with black olives, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions, and although I traditionally enjoy a meat-lovers pizza the Vegetarian sounds dang good to me. If you can get a team together, you can even participate in their Bocce League to round out your night of fun with friends or family. Prison Brews is also commonly known for their microbrews that are brewed on site and are the freshest beers you can get in the Jefferson City area. Each beer has a fun and clever name that goes along with the prison theme of the restaurant, like “Go To Jail Ale” and “Prison Town Brown” that make you want to taste each one. And don’t start to think that we forgot about the burgers. I tend to like my burgers as simple as they come; a hamburger, some cheese, and a bun. But Prison Brews has a large variety of burgers, ranging from chicken sandwiches to a steak sandwich to fish sandwiches to a standard beef patty burger. They have all areas of your appetite covered on their menu. You do not want to just drive by.

Not all the best restaurants need their own building. For instance, Lutz’s BBQ is connected to a gas station on Missouri Boulevard. Out of their shared space, they serve up some of the best BBQ this close to the Missouri River. With blue-ribbon winning sauces, homemade chips that you will want to munch on throughout the day, and a mac-n-cheese that could hold its own as a main course Lutz’s is what any BBQ lover needs. And Lutz’s never makes you feel like you’re just a customer. Don’t believe me? Alright, story time:

Once upon a time, a few of us from the office were out and about delivering magazines to different offices and waiting rooms. Around 1 PM we decided it was time for some lunch and a break from sitting in a swerving car all morning so we stopped by one of our favorite food joints on magazine delivering days; Lutz’s. We sat down and devoured our food as we always do, cleaned up our table, and headed out for the rest of the day. While driving around we had decided that we would not be stopping back by Lutz’s for a big bag of homemade chips so that we could get to more offices before the end of the day. Instead, I looked down and saw a Facebook Messenger request from a Lutz’s employee telling me I had left my purse there and they had it behind the counter for me. So, instead of not buying any chips, we bought two large bags of homemade chips when we finally made it back to get my purse.


When you are out and about handing out magazines throughout Jefferson City for a few days you find a lot of places that you like to stop and eat. We already told you about Lutz’s, but another favorite of ours is Old Brick House Deli. The first time we walked in, the employees could immediately tell we were lost looking at the menu (this was more due to us being tired rather than the menu being hard to read). They talked us through the best menu items, what the best deals were, and they genuinely wanted to know what we had been doing throughout the day. And this behavior fits in perfectly with their motto: “Never just a customer, always a neighbor. Not just a place to eat, a place that feels like home.” We felt like we had walked into grandma’s house who was proud of her county, town, and children. All over the walls were photos of travels people had taken, news articles that held important memories, and mementos that showed our country working through some of the hardest moments we can remember. I’m pretty sure each of us ordered a sandwich and we all got salads instead of chips, because their salads were delicious. If you want to feel at home and a part of the family, the Old Brick House Deli is the place to go.


Obviously, there are so many delicious places to eat in the Jefferson City area, but when you only have a week to write enough to tell how much you love each restaurant you have to limit the places you mention. But always feel free to let us know your favorite places to grab a bite to eat and your favorite item on the menu! We’ll see you on the next “episode” of Jefferson City’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!”