How to Prepare Your Home to Sell Quickly

Today’s market can be tricky...

The McMichael Team can get your home SOLD fast

Selling a home quickly in today’s market takes expertise and skill.  The Jefferson City Area market can allow for multiple offers on the same home or it can just as easily allow a home to sit stagnant.  This is where a full time, trained Realtor can make all the difference.

Deciding to sell your home is just the beginning.  I have seen many homes sold recently way under value when put out on the market without professionals help.  A hard-working, professional Realtor that knows the area, will ultimately get you more for your home and more than pay for themselves.  When you have the right Realtor working for you, magic just happens all around and they will exceed your expectations.

Don’t Underestimate Spending Time Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Getting your home prepared to sell in Mid-Missouri can be crucial to getting the result you want.  Your Realtor will walk through, maybe even several times, to assist you in getting everything just right.  The Kristina, Scott and Henry McMichael Team has staging items we use to decorate all our new builds, and we can assist you with designer decorations to make your house into a showhome.

Some Specific Tips From ME... and I have staged hundreds of homes

  • Lighting, lighting, lighting.  As you may have gathered, lighting is crucial.  Make sure the lighting in your home matches.  What do I mean by that?  You do not want cool colored lighting mixed with warm colored lighting.  I ALWAYS want warm colored lighting.

  • I LOVE LAMPS!  People flock to coffee houses to take their iPads and sit back and relax. Yes, it’s the coffee (and WiFi) but it’s also the atmosphere.  The lighting is always just right and it’s soft, subtle and inviting.  Make your house have that look!  And, if you can get that coffee smell...mmmm, kudos to you.

I Have a Lot More Ideas

Staging is my second passion, after real estate.  I can make the difference in getting your home sold fast and multiple offers DO HAPPEN!  Let me know when you are ready to have me over to start getting your home ready to sell.  I can’t tell you all my secrets here…  Talk soon!