Hibernia Station Coffee & Tea

If you’re looking to expand your coffee and tea drinking destination, then I highly recommend a visit to Hibernia Station Coffee & Tea in Holts Summit.

A small Callaway County community that was once limited to their morning cup of Joe from home or convenience stores can now expand their beverage experience with a trip through Hibernia Station’s drive-thru, or park their car and visit the Master Barista himself, Larry Fedorchalk, behind the counter with his friendly and talented crew.

Customers can choose from a variety of specialty drinks ranging from espresso, coffee, iced cold brew, tea, blended drinks or smoothies; and of course customers aren’t limited to drinks, as Hibernia Station offers a delicious breakfast consisting of croissants and biscuits. Sometimes our mornings call for something from the sweet department, so pick out a savory delight from the bakery goods case full of scones, cinnamon rolls, cookies or muffins and croissants

Personally, I find the Cappuccino Chocolate muffin the perfect complement to a delicious cup of hot coffee or tea. If asked to choose my favorite item from the menu, then I would have to say Elaine’s Hearty Biscuit and Gravy plate featuring good old-fashioned sausage gravy. Be certain to order an extra biscuit if you like to soak up every last bit of mouthwatering country gravy goodness.

I am impressed with Hibernia’s lunch menu as it is chock-full of hearty specialty sandwiches each given a unique name like The Depot, The Caboose, and the Engineer – all names connected to the former train depot Hibernia Station. I also think the personal size quiche is a nice choice, especially for an early lunch. Grab a bag of chips and choose from a glass of green or black iced tea.

In addition to all of the goodness that Hibernia Station Coffee and Tea has to offer, they offer a large downstairs banquet room perfect for your office meetings, parties or family events. Give Larry or Michelle Fedorchalk a call at 573-896-8127. They are both kind and very accommodating and I’m certain they will make sure Hibernia Station Coffee & Tea will remain one of your favorite coffee destination spots. It is great to see their business thriving in Holts Summit!

Cindy Reed

McMichael Realty, 369 South Summit Drive, Holts Summit, MO, 65043